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Where can I buy Santa Luzia olive oils?

Our products are available online.

Do you ship outside of Europe?

Through our online store you won’t be able to send your order to a country outside of Europe. If you want to do so, please send us an e-mail at and we’ll be pleased to organise that shipping wherever you want.

Are you looking for stockists?

Of course, we always do. If you would like to reach out to be considered as a stocklist, please contact us at

Does Santa Luzia EVOO have quality certificates?

To certify that our oil is Extra Virgin we carry out organoleptic tastings to discard any defect and we also analyse the olive oils in certified external laboratories to guarantee that our product has an acidity lower than 0.8% and that it complies with the specific chemical parameters of the IOOC (International Olive Oil Council) regulations. In fact, our AOVE Santa Luzia usually has an acidity of around 0.2%.

In addition, we carry out “Residue analysis” to certify that our AOVE is free of pesticides, chemical fertilisers, synthetic products and transgenic elements and is totally “clean”.

Are you organic?

Since 2019 we have moved from an integrated agricultural system* to an organic production mode in order to restore a natural ecosystem of fauna and flora on our farms. We do not use chemical synthesis products, so our oils are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, synthetic products and transgenic elements.

We still do not have the official certificate because from the moment you apply for the organic certification until the certifier determines the absence of chemical products, a minimum conversion period of 3 years has to pass.

* official certification that guarantees the quality of the olives and oils obtained in terms of food safety, rational use of natural resources and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Are Santa Luzia olive oild vegan?

All SANTA LUZIA products are 100% plant-based, vegan, gluten free and cruelty-free.

How long does Santa Luzia EVOO last?

On the back label of Santa Luzia there is a date after “Best before”. Until that date we guarantee that, if the oil has been kept in the optimum recommended conditions, it will maintain its flavour and nutritional characteristics.

In an extra virgin oil (without any defects and with a low acidity) that has not yet been unsealed, the passage of time results in a loss of aroma, flavour and properties, but in no case in the appearance of sensory defects that have never existed.

Once the bottle is opened, due to the contact of the olive oil with the air, it will begin a slow process of oxidation that can cause premature rancidity. We therefore recommend that, once the bottle has been opened, the olive oil should be used within the following months.

How do I store and keep EVOO fresh?

The enemies of olive oil are oxygen, heat and light. That is why we recommend that you store your olive oil well closed, at a temperature of about 20°C and in a place that does not have direct sunlight. Because of this, our bottle is dark to minimize exposure to light.

We do not recommend storing the oil in the fridge or freezer because it can spoil it.

Can I cook or fry with EVOO?

Why do we resist on cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and only use it to season our cold dishes?

It is healthy and, in fact, we should cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil because this oil, unlike other oils (coconut, sunflower, seeds, etc.) has a very high smoke point (overheating point) at 200-220º and therefore a high stability during high temperature cooking. It also has a high level of protective antioxidants and is highly beneficial to health.

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